111 homophobic sentences on 111 naked bodies: when hatred leaves traces

111 homophobic sentences on 111 naked bodies: when hatred leaves traces
Varese, 12 December 2017

“Addosso” is a courageous and unfortunately very current photographic editorial project: on the naked bodies of men and women.

The journalist Antonio Mocciola wrote 120 homophobe phrases, taken from the broad repertoire of political, ecclesiastical and institutional figures. From Alessandra Mussolini (“Better Fascist than Fagot”) to Joseph Ratzinger (“Gay marriages are a danger to peace”), arriving to Gianfranco Fini (“Gays can not be teachers of school”), these sentences, very serious because amplified by the media, they have contributed to the social isolation of many people and given the bullying to many young people who, in the worst cases, have not been able to withstand the pain inflicted by an invincible society.

Using the technique of writing on body, Mocciola writes these phrases on his models shouting his own disdain and denouncing the condition of deplorable degradation in Italy in the ’10s, amplifying with the whiteness of the bodies smeared the violence of the homophobic message . “On them!” The fascists shouted to the enemy of the day; that he was a political dissident, a homosexual or a poor Eritrean was the same. “Alarms! Alarms! To the siam Fascisti / Terror of the communists / to the socialists who have never seen each other and then to do the same on the popular “. On our skin we carry the scars of life, and the things that have hurt us.

“In my life, and on television, and in newspapers, I have heard and read so many, too many words against gay people, so I took my revenge, I gathered a hundred sentences, I painted them on my body as if it were a white flag, wonderful artists or activists or writers or common people, and I exhibited them, shameless more than naked bodies, before your eyes “- says the author Antonio Mocciola -” It was not difficult to find them. newspapers, on youtube, in my memory: they are hateful, racist, disgusting phrases, exhibited with pride, often in front of an angry rogue, who with the same rage then throws on women, foreigners, dwarfs, obese, opposing players, neighbors All the hatreds have the same root, and if the naked bodies make an impression on you at first sight, read the phrase they wear: it is there, and only there, the scandal. obscenity.”

Appointment at the headquarters of Arcigay Varese c / o Arci, Via Monte Golico, 14, Varese, Wednesday, December 13 at 21:00. The author will be present.

Antonio Mocciola, (Naples, 1973), is the author of theater and fiction. Among his successes, “Sleeping Beauty”, a journey through the ghost villages of Italy (first place on Amazon – travel) and the novel “Il tempo degli amaranti” (first place on Kobo – glbt). Among the theatrical works “Mediterranea Passione” for Piera Degli Esposti, “Bella da morire” for Rosaria De Cicco “,” La cella zero “on the scandal of Italian prisons,” Leopardi loved Ranieri “and” Friends go away “on life by Umberto Bindi He writes the booklets of several CDs by Giuni Russo and the DVD by Franco Battiato “La figura figura”.