Lombardian LGBT associations respond to President Fontana’s statements

C.I.G. Arcigay Milan, Arcigay Varese, Arcigay Bergamo, Arcigay Pavia, Arcigay Mantua, Arcigay Cremona, Arcigay Brescia, together with all the associations of the Rainbow Coordination of Milan and the province, UniversiGay Pavia and the Coordination of Milan Pride, Varese Pride, Bergamo Pride and of the Pavia Pride, they communicate that they will soon be able to deposit official request for patronage to the Lombardy region for all the Lombard Pride of 2018.

With this gesture we invite the institution – as the guarantor of the protection of all its citizens – to accept the request for patronage of the Pride Lombardi and not to follow up the statements of President Fontana.

We appeal to all regional councilors who care about the affirmation of rights and the fight against all forms of discrimination, so that they openly oppose this position which aims to further set Lombardy back in the field of rights.

We remind President Fontana that the Pride is a manifestation of open and inclusive freedom, a party for the affirmation of LGBTI * rights, inspired by the principles of secularism, freedom and anti-fascism and therefore can be considered divisive only by those who do not share these principles founding our constitutional charter.