EU, the Erasmus + project of Arcigay concluded in Bologna: 33 trips to form together with European activists. Arcigay Varese participated in the project

ologna, July 25, 2017 – The final event of the project Get Equal Empowerment for LGBT Activism, funded by Erasmus +, was funded last weekend (22 and 23 July) in Bologna, which allowed from June 2016 to today The realization of 33 trips to other European countries of 22 volunteers and activists of Arcigay. The project, which aimed to initiate a training and empowerment process for volunteers, took place in Austria, the Netherlands, Denmark, Portugal. “It has been a fundamental opportunity for enrichment for all participants,” said Gabriele Piazzoni, National Secretary of Arcigay, who had the opportunity to acquire new knowledge through specific training courses on innovative adult education techniques and through exchanges Of experiences with LGBT organizations from other European countries “,
During the final event, the return activities carried out in the territories from which each participant returned from their departure abroad were shared. The acquired new skills will thus remain the assets of the association and will be transmitted to other volunteers in the near future formations.