Notice of Ordinary Shareholders’ Meeting

To Members

To the members of the Board of Directors

Their Seats


Varese, June 21, 2017





It is aware of all the members of the Arcigay Territorial Committee of the Province of Varese and of Como “Arcigay Varese Association of Social Promotion” which, pursuant to art. 13 of the Articles of Association, the Ordinary Shareholders’ Meeting is convened in first call for the day Thursday 20 July 2017 at 08:00 at the head office of the association, located in Varese, cap. 21100, prov. Of Varese, Via Monte Golico, No. 14, and second call for the day


Friday, July 21 at 20:30

To discuss and deliberate on the following



Approving internal regulations of the association;
Varese Pride: achievements and perspectives;
Supplementary Elections of n. 1 member of the Governing Council;
Evaluation of the members with a vote on a possible new congress to reorganize the governing bodies (board and chair); POINT RETURNED BY THE PROPONENT
Various and possible;


Given the importance of the Assembly, please ask all the members to participate personally. If the same were impossible to do so, they are invited to be represented by another person of their own confidence, provided they have a specific written delegation.



(Giovanni Boschini)




They may attend the Assembly of Members, apply for elective office and vote all members and members who:

– they are registered with Arcigay Varese and are in compliance with the payment of the membership fee by the date of the Shareholders’ Meeting;

– renew the associative membership of Arcigay through Arcigay Varese by the date of the Shareholders’ Meeting and has not been renewed at any other adhering association in Arcigay;

– have subscribed and / or renewed the annual membership fee with another affiliated company of Arcigay other than Arcigay Varese LGBTI and requesting the transfer to Arcigay Varese LGBTI before the start of voting operations.

Participation in the work of the Shareholders ‘Meeting and the exercise of the active and passive electorate of the shareholders requesting the transfer shall be approved by a majority vote of the Shareholders’ Meeting.

Participants in the Shareholders’ Meeting must accredit themselves before the vote.


The Ordinary Shareholders’ Meeting is validly constituted on first call with the presence of at least half of the associates, while in the second convocation is the deliberation taken regardless of the number of interveners. Voting by delegation is allowed. Each member can be a maximum of two delegates.

In deliberations approving the Budget and in matters concerning their responsibility, the Directors did not vote. Voting is normally done by raising the hand. For the election of the Social Charges, the vote is taken by secret ballot.


The deliberations are immediately enforceable and must result along with the synthesis of the debate by a special note signed by the President and the Secretary of the Assembly.


For further information, please refer to the Electoral Regulations or the Statutes available at